Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Dependence on Technology

So I wanted to show you all this awesome video that my boyfriend Adam made. It's a really funny take on society's dependence on technology. I'm tempted to do this challenge myself but I would struggle without my cell phone. I would like to think I could live without my computer, tv, or video games, but I guess I would only know if I tried.

I've talked with Adam about this a lot and Alex's limitations in the film is that he can't use any technology for entertainment purposes; cellphones, radio, tv, video games, or computer. I know this a premise that has been done before but I love that this is locally made and has a Canadian context. In Adam's words, his purpose was "to show how dependent our generation is on the constant flow of information and stimulation through electronics and instant internet access from virtually anywhere at any time". I love how Alex goes through withdrawal by about day 5. This makes me believe that many people are in fact addicted to technology and that your body will react accordingly if you decide to quit. It shines a new light on the epidemic that is technological reliance in our society.

Another video linked to this idea:

A funny way to critically examine some key aspects of our current society.

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  1. I thought these videos were really funny because they are true. I'm sure that everyone knows at least one person who always has their nose in a their smart phone or laptop or is always playing video games or watching tv. I don't know many people (though I do know a few) who can go for very long without a cell phone or cable or even a watch (or other device that will tell them what time it is whenever they need to know). I would be interested to see someone who is totally dependent on their smart phone to go without it for more than just a short period of time.